Wedding Gifts:the perfect drink tray

So my small group leader from high school got married this past weekend, and I did not get a gift within my price range within enough time, so I figured I would make something and could personalize it for them!

img_2733I found a plastic water proof tray that looked like weathered wood at a home decorating store. I then eyeballed where I wanted the letters and lightly sketched over it in pencil. I then went over it in sharpie. Sharpie was not going to be the best for this project because of the texture of the tray and making it water proof.

img_2734I then found these paint pens on Amazon. They worked great at fitting into the crevices of the texture, and the large pack will last me awhile, but since they are not on prime it took forever to get them in the mail. img_2736This is after one coat over the outline with the paint pens. I then went back and made thicker motions with the down strokes. It is sometimes hard to do calligraphy strokes with paint pens because the way the tip is it is possible for them to come loose because of where the pressure is put on the pen. After that I went back through and where the paint was light I went back over it and added more to make it darker.img_2737Then this is the final product! Congratulations to the Sunderman’s!


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