Sometimes, Being Thankful is Hard

Is it just me or does this year and other situations make being thankful or grateful for things on a regular basis difficult? I always have the intention of seeing the positive side of things, all the wonderful blessings I have, or writing down the things that I am grateful for on a consistent basis. But, I think like a lot of us, I forget. Something negative happens and it seems to outweigh the positive, or things get too busy and we just forget to think about being present or slowing down.

It is a huge trap, and not only does it take our positivity, it takes away us seeing God and the amazing things He is doing in our lives every single day.

Then covid comes around, and just the rest of this year. And when everything seems to be falling apart, or the world is just so negative, we need to see the good aspects of things. (I was a big fan of Some Good News)!

2020 has made it hard to be grateful, and maybe so have other situations in this year, but I don’t know about you I still have so much to be thankful for.

  • A Family I have still gotten to see and keep in contact with, even if it looks different
  • A Job in the midst of a downturn economy
  • A Place to Live without worrying about heat, lights, or electricity
  • Food on The Table
  • Technology to Keep in Contact with Others, maybe even some that I didn’t talk to much before this year
  • A new Small Group that helps me have community even when I sometimes feel like I don’t
  • A New Car that makes me feel safer
  • To be Able to Write: I have many platforms I get to do this on, and I love that I get to be able to do it, even if there is no reward
  • New and Old Friends, and New Seasons of Friendships
  • Learning New Things: Everyday is a day to learn something, even if you learn something because of a negative situation
  • Reading Books: my list keeps growing and I keep getting further behind, but it is a good problem to have
  • Intentional Time in Lockdown with Fun Things, and Quiet Time, and making new memories
  • How God Provided when I was Worried whether that be extra income or a conversation just when I needed it

I could keep going. Yes some things are difficult, and I don’t want to minimize the situations that hurt us, or cause emotion; but I also want to encourage us to see the blessings especially this week!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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